“After taking Test Prep Coaching with Coach Mike and then utilizing the strategies learned during test prep sessions, my twins raised their scores by 5 and 6 points! This translated into over $86,000 in scholarships – so RSP is well worth the investment.”

Tricia F.

Parent of 12th Grade Students

“Our daughter took the ACT after long, expensive course with _______ and managed a 27. After a few weeks studying JUST MATH with Coach Mike, she scored a 30. Game changer! Choices are totally different now. In fact, Miami offered her a $46,134 scholarship so we’ll see what’s next.”

Tom H.

Parent of 11th Grade Student

“I just wanted to tell you that I got a 33 on the ACT and my superscore is now a 34!! Thank you so much for all your help with Test Prep Coaching and for the practice tests. I definitely couldn’t have earned my score without them! Thanks again!”

Abby F.

11th Grade Student


“My son took 4 Test Prep Coaching sessions with Coach Mike and increased his ACT score by 10 points. A 10 point swing is almost unheard of! Thank you for all that you do to support your students!”

— Julie W., Parent of 11th Grade Student

“Test Prep Coaching was an excellent way for my son, John, to prepare for both the SAT and ACT tests. The class times accommodated our student-athlete’s schedule, and Coach Mike’s program was modestly priced. The ACT & SAT Test Prep sessions provided my son with the strategies he needed to attain a 33 on the ACT. I strongly recommend Coach Mike’s ACT Test Prep for your college bound student.”

— Jackie A., Parent of 12th Grade Student

“I learned test taking strategies that gave me the confidence on test day to raise my ACT score 5 points.”

— Maddie M., 11th Grade Student

“Both of my sons have worked with Coach Mike, and we have been very pleased with the results. One of our sons met with him for math tutoring, and we saw improvement in test scores right away. Our other son attended (Super) test prep sessions, and he felt more prepared to perform well after working with Coach Mike. We will continue to use Coach Mike’s services as any need arises in our family, and we would recommend him to anyone else in a heartbeat.”

— Kathi M., Parent of 11th Grade Student

“With all of the preparation, I raised my score significantly (from a previous best of 23) to a 31.

…Finally, thank you again for all of your support in the process of preparation and for all of the confidence you showed me I had!”

— John K., 12th Grade Student

“Coach Mike, your strategies worked! Zach increased his ACT score by 6 points giving him a composite score above 30. Thanks so much for helping him reach his goal!”

— Sue & Ed S., Parents of 12th Grade Student

“When Jarrod came home after spending time with you and talked about how confident he feels (about test taking), Wow!…He really enjoyed your help!!!”

— Heidi S., Parent of 11th Grade Student

“Coach Mike proved to be an invaluable resource for our daughter. With Coach Mike’s help she was able to go confidently into unit tests with a better understanding of the math concepts and far less anxiety. Her scores improved and she no longer hesitates to ask for help!”

— Angel S., Parent of 9th Grade Student

“My son was struggling in Algebra I. I had asked for some referrals and Coach Mike came highly recommended by a mutual friend. I sat in on their first session of tutoring and I was incredibly impressed at how quickly Coach Mike was able to connect with my son and help him to understand the material that he had struggled with for so long. He was able to help my son feel more confident in math and I have seen that confidence flow into other classes also.
I’m thankful and at ease to know that if my son begins to struggle in math that Coach Mike is the one that will be there to help him along the way.”

— Cassy K., Parent of 10th Grade Student 

“My daughter said the test prep helped her with her schoolwork and her reading capability.  From my point of view, your weekly synopsis is greatly appreciated so I’m able to follow up with her and discuss what was covered in the Test Prep Coaching sessions. I have noticed a more confident approach to her studies which showed in her course selection for this semester. She’s not taking the traditional “light” senior load but rather taking Enriched Physics, AP Spanish and Calculus which comes from a renewed confidence from Coach Mike’s Test Prep Coaching.”

— Rich F., Parent of 12th Grade Student 

“Coach Mike tutored our four girls. Can’t tell you how much he made a difference in their lives. He is so dedicated and can make such a difficult subject so easy. My girls excelled under the tutoring of Coach Mike. The only regret I have is that I didn’t start sooner.”

— Miriam T., Parent of  9-12th Grader Students